Happiest Season

Happiest Season ★★★

This is ultimately held together by Kristen Stewart's charm which might seem like a backhanded compliment given her reputation but it is a genuine one.

I am also a huge Mackenzie Davis fan so it was a little disappointing to see her character mostly underserved here. The movie is clumsy in prioritising her narrative and she seems mostly secondary to Stewart rather than co-leads.

As a viewer it leaves you skeptical of their relationship and why Kristen Stewart is so willing to participate in all these shenanigans to win her hand in marriage. You end up separating them a lot across the movie which doesn't help buying into them as a couple.

The other elephant in the room is there is a beautiful charming chemistry between Plaza and Stewart that flirts with a much more interesting movie but doesn't quite have the will to go that way.

A special note to Dan Levy who is a welcome appearance essentially reprising his role of David from Schitt's Creek.

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