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  • Poor Things
  • Anhell69
  • The Boy and the Heron
  • Riceboy Sleeps

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  • Drive-Away Dolls


  • Perfect Days


  • A Ghost Story


  • Lisa Frankenstein


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  • Poor Things

    Poor Things


    2023 Ranked βœ¨πŸŒŸπŸ’«

    A cruel, macabre, imaginative, twisted, and wondrous experience. Yorgos Lanthimos and crew have crafted such a confident, emotional, and magical film in POOR THINGS, a film that's as alive and freeing as the character in its center.

    The film is a form of existentialism that's rooted in this very raw optimism, where the pondering of existence lends itself to the exploration of the self and the world around it. Where the good, the bad, the curious, and…

  • Marona's Fantastic Tale

    Marona's Fantastic Tale


    I missed the screening for this film last year at LA's Animation is Film Fest because the day it screened, I found my eldest dog bleeding from the nose. A trip to the vet later we found out he likely had nasal cancer. After 18 years of spending my lifetime with that little boy, I lost him a week after.

    With that I found Marona's Fantastic Tale to immediately be one of my favorite films of all time.
    As a…

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  • Drive-Away Dolls

    Drive-Away Dolls


    A little student-filmish.
    Farcical, referential, horny, and scattered; Drive-Away Dolls is a brief road trip film loosely connected by tropes and aesthetics that come from the school of Coen and grindhouse-y Americana.
    A stoner film here for vibes and it's own zaniness with some fun if not distracting cameos that presented themselves in the credits and promotional material.
    If Margaret Qualley sounds like a cartoon it's cuz this IS a cartoon!
    Best watched over a joint, a bowl a cereal (and seconds!), and a can of coke zero.

  • Perfect Days

    Perfect Days


    2023 Ranked βœ¨πŸŒŸπŸ’«

    Adding this to films that feel like deep breaths of air right at dusk.

    Wim Wenders' Perfect Days is a life-affirming film that captures the balance between enjoying the little things and the chaotic, complex nature of the things that overwhelm us. Koji Yakusho absolutely kills it as the quiet, observant Hirayama. His performance carries with it an entire life lived brought to us through facial expressions, movement, and a presence that feels familiar.

    Wender's choice to…

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  • Bubble



    Like a lot of similar anime films that have come out recently, the animation quality is out of this world. The vistas are breathtaking, my friends!
    The film also follows another trend that we've seen recently from Japanese media, presenting us a post-apocalyptic world through an optimistic lens, it's a nice trend because it helps combat doomerism, as it turns out, life just keeps going and society can shift and adapt in all sorts of ways.

    The main story in…

  • My house walk-through

    My house walk-through


    Been feeling stressed lately and I really needed something to help calm me.