Midsommar ★★★★½

The perfect getaway.

There’s a very raw, harsh, and cruel theme here buried in light and sun during Ari Aster’s second film: Midsommar.

A film about a group of Americans visiting a European cultural event to discover that what will unfold is far more than what they bargained for unravels like a spider’s web, like a slow burn nightmare.

Directed with such beauty and such care, Ari Aster uses his aesthetically pleasing imagery to lure us into his film. Only to strike once we’ve settled in as much as possible. 
Remarkable is how in tune Aster is with human relationships and their ethos. Our American characters are plagued with a slew of emotional and mental issues that on first glance we might not even notice is there, however when compared with the Swedish community’s clean and confident dimeanor it is clear as day.

Ari Aster is unapologetic when it comes to showcasing the nastier side of the western identity. And we aren’t talking about extremes here. The nasty truths that Aster brings to light are as common as bread in our day-to-day that when the film finally shows all of its cards and all of its horrors we are left shocked and breathless.
Ari Aster knows where your true anxieties are, and he isn’t above going in deep, taking them out, clawing them to mush, and then throwing them right back at you.

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