Don't Breathe

Don't Breathe ★★★

Horror Hunt #31 (January 2021)
11. Home Invasion

Home Invasion horror, but this time the home invaders are the ones being invaded. By bullets entering their brains.

A trio of perpetually depressed youths make their worlds go around by disabling home security systems and stealing a whole lot of shit. They think that they have struck a jackpot when they hear of a blind and lonely army vet who lives in a worn-down house with an alleged fortune just laying around. They break and they enter but they may not get back out. This vet doesn't fuck around.

So for me this was at it's best when it was building up towards the home invaders clashing with the veteran. You wonder how badly will these people have fucked up and boy do they turn out to have fucked up very badly. But after a while it just kind of keeps going with grotesque plot twist laid on top of other grotesque plot twists and I began to lose a bit of interest. I guess I expected more of a depressed tale of impoverished people preying on other impoverished people to get by but this steers towards something more akin to Saw. Very uncomfortable, but quite shallow.

The urban decay that you get here is an aesthetic that works well. This dirty old building surrounded by what may as well be a graveyard of suburban homes creates a nice clash between realism and a more stylized aesthetic. Also really appreciated the utter darkness whenever we were inside the old building, when that light switch went off things got quite hairy!

So all in all this was quite fun. Didn't quite like the direction it all took after a while but the sheer hopelessness of the setting and general theme makes for a tense horror flick.

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