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Horror Hunt #52 (October 2022)

23. Released in theaters in 2022

#DicksOutForGordy βœŠπŸ˜” He just had a heated monke moment, nothing he could do about it.

Two adult siblings try to make it in the entertainment industry after their well-respected father fell victim to a strange accident. Burdened with a family legacy they are maybe not quite ready to carry on. And while that is going on, a former child actor is running a kitschy theme park, constantly shadowed by a grotesque live broadcast that forever defined his career. How are these two connected? Well, when the clouds in the area start acting up, maybe things will become clear. Or not, this gets remarkably bizarre (mostly in a good way).

What a compact film this is, seemingly overloaded with ideas and influences and yet so clear. Everything here returns to some sort of legacy, having a claim to monumental moments, whether they be tragedies or acts of pioneering glory. To live with the past looming over you while you set out to be there when new breakthroughs are made. But remember. If the camera eye doesn't see it, nobody will.

And at the same time Jordan Peele seems to finish of a trilogy about manipulated bodies here. Hijacked in Get Out, replicated in Us and now, tamed in Nope. A lose of autonomy and identity, and here also a timeless showcase of what happens when man tries to domesticate anything and everything. Short version: Putting a little children's outfit on a chimpanzee doesn't remove the animal (and certainly not the stress of a strange and artificial environment).

With all that being said.. Could have used some more screentime for Keith David. Personal bias speaking here.

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