Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★

Horror Hunt #37 (July 2021)

23. Good for her :)

I concur, good for her :)

Grace is a young lady who makes the mistake of marrying the spawn of some rich folks. And then she makes the further mistake of having the wedding at her rich in-law's mansion. Naturally her wedding night will be a (wo)manhunt where she is the prey. But, maybe she won't put up with being a prey. And maybe, since this was produced by Fox Searchlight Pictures a.k.a one of the million things that Disney own now, Grace is the greatest Disney princess of all time.

Ready or Not is a simple film, and I mean that in a very good way. The concept is simple, a poor young bride finds herself in a sick game of cat and mouse in a big fancy mansion. And it is kept simple. It is just a fun horror flick that leans in on the ridiculous concept and offer some great comedy along the way. The rich folks could be depicted as scary psychos with a hatred for the commoner but instead they are depicted as bumbling morons with a hatred for the commoner, who bicker amongst each other and end up hurting themselves more often than not. Poor Emilie.. She just wasn't very good at any of that killing stuff.

There is some good gore to be had here. Nothing extraordinary but it does the job. I also had a lot of fun with the gradual change in Grace, going from "OMG I'm so dead" to "I'll destroy everything". Said transformation probably reaches its peak when a rude bystander causes her to unleash an hilarious flurry of swears and insults. It's like, I've been there, I've dealt with plenty of obnoxious folks when I worked in a semi-fancy restaurant. Not the fancy where it's only the top 0,0001% of the human population who can afford to eat there, but the fancy where middleclass folks can go to pretend like they are upper-class folks who can look down on the common rabble. Fucking people who want to be rich folks so badly. That's why I love Grace, she doesn't give a fuck about being one of these rich fucks. Nothing but respect for MY Disney princess.

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