Carol ★★★★★

Movies like this are why we go to the movies. What a beautiful, magnificent filmmaking achievement.

The combination of Carter Burwell's wonderful score and the brilliant Ed Lachman's gorgeous, colorful cinematography make watching this relationship unfold between two unexpected lovers feel like floating on a cloud in a land of cinematic bliss.

And Todd Hayne's direction of our two leading ladies could not be more perfect, with Blanchett and Mara having the best, and most instant chemistry between any two actors I've seen in any movie in 2015. What a pleasure it is to watch two wonderfully gifted performers do what they do at the absolute top of their game.

The story unravels like churning butter, or a book made of partridge paper having its pages turned slowly and delicately. It's almost perfect pacing, with the climax (both literally and figuratively) being one of the most satisfying I can ever recall in a romance story.

When people talk about cinema as "magic", films like this are exactly what they mean.

I implore anyone seeing Carol to seek out seeing it on the biggest theatre screen you can find, even if it means having to travel long distances. Carol is not perfect, but it is, without question, one of the most memorable, visually gorgeous, and transcendent film experiences I can recall in a long time.

Truly a wonder to behold.

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