2046 ★★★★★

I'm a bit tongue tied trying to explain how an artist with such a gifted ability to tell a story affects me. Using absorbing imagery, light, and sound to tap into us and stir up memories and ignite emotions that often lay dormant. With framing and blocking that seduces our heart into believing we have been transported to the days and lives of 1960's Singapore. One of the few sequels deserving of such high admiration in all of cinema. It doesn't just tell the story of what happened after. Without breaking stride from the themes and tone of "In the Mood For Love" we are seamlessly transposed through the annals of our protagonist. Filling the void of his true loves rejection with the passion of the chase. Conquering soft skin and pretty shapes to satisfy and blur his vision for an aching heart. Replete with the melancholy of pseudo love while looking for the meaning of it all and destined for solitude.

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