Dunkirk ★★★★★

Masterpiece from a master story teller, plain and simple. How Christopher Nolan weaves three time lines seamlessly and without a wasted second is utterly breath taking. A beautiful ode to silent film making that so honors the legendary pioneers such as D.W. Griffith, Charlie Chaplin, and in some ways Alfred Hitchcock. Using minimal dialogue and letting the visual tapestry within the frame do all the heavy lifting.

Im thoroughly stunned at the possibilities behind this. From a technical stand point it's flawless. This could nearly be a silent film, or at least no dialogue, and the audience would still understand every thing Nolan is trying to say.

But it's greatest asset to me it's a stark reminder of the power of faith. Much like Goliath, the men didn't see surrender or defeat as an option. They understood survival wasn't cowardly it wasn't quitting but meant they made it to the next round. Where their footing was reset and the resilience to persevere reinforced.

You may not like war. I sure don't. But this really isn't a war picture as much as it's a story about Men believing in what's right, believing in something more than themselves. And when people gather together with that as there flag they can move mountains and change history for the good.

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