Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★

Sugar and spice and everything nice as warm and fuzzy as Thursday night movies go. Tom Holland has quickly become my favorite Peter Parker. Embodying the real spirit of the character as a teenager growing into adulthood. With much of the sweet charm and boy next door moms woo to their daughters. As Peter, Holland hones the coming of age persona of a first crush well while becoming the beacon of good moral character for hope.

And the one thing that never seems to disappoint is Marvel's handling of the action sets, exciting and often original. Director Watts and the team do an admirable job paying respect to all the sacrifices of fallen hero’s who’ve come before. But it’s so saccharine after a while the whole thing begins to give me a belly ache of sorts. If it wasn’t for Gyllenhaal’s standout performance this could have easily been a disposable easily forgotten tale. In contrast to the intensity of Endgame most will really appreciate this quality but I just found it to be silly nonsense dialed up to eleven. There are a few other things I could nitpick at but they're probably more personal preference than outright storytelling flaws so I won't linger and bore you. If you're a big comic fan, especially Marvel, you should find satisfaction.

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