Three Colors: Blue ★★★★½

Quite the emotional powerhouse, although I must admit I quickly noticed I wasn't in the right mood for such a film today. Nonetheless, Juliette Binoche is exceptional in this! She really shows the power of acting. There are times where even the most subtle expressions and looks make it feel like she's completely transparent and you can see everything going on underneath her skin, like a French outside Inside Out. Thanks to her performance the story becomes so raw and emotional, and so real in its depiction of her life after the accident. Even during the scenes where I find Kieslowski to be heavy handed, she anchors everything to an emotional reality.
Kieslowski's use of music can't go without notice and was something I found particularly intriguing. It's frequently in a stark contrast to what occurs at face value. Often intrusive and immensely dominant, nearly to the degree where you'd expect it to break the illusion, but it becomes to coherent with her emotional state and representing her difficulty in being free of the memory of her late husband and the grief.

Looking forward to checking out what the remaining films in the trilogy has to offer, and will probably revisit this one when it feels more natural.

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