I Am Legend

I Am Legend ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

was pretty okay  i think  im just desensitized to movies about zombie kind of things now  cuz    u know how things r these days lol am i right  anyways  i thought this movie was p okay  i have nooo idea what was up  with the  like   leader zombie tho.  why was he in charge of the other ones why did he have a cognitive thought process  why did he get so mad that will smith  kidnapped  the  one lady were they connected? so many thoughts in my brain. i think after the dog died stuff got kind of corny. the scene of his wife and kid getting separated from him was sad but when the helicopter  spiraled out of control and  blew them up it was kinda  laughable cuz like what? LMAO  also why were they  firing big ass rockets at the bridge? oh wait they were prob closing it off like that. nvm. also how did the lady not know who bob marley is? unrealistic for thag one literslly everybody knows who bob marley is.  will smith reciting  shrek for no reason and then following up with “i like shrek” was pretty comedic.  i thought  him blabbing about sticking together would be a turning point sk hed be like yesss tea lol lets go to the  vermont sanctuary but then he was like no fuck you! everyone is dead!!!  like hmm idk i felt like that was kinda just a little cheesy imo but what can u really do.  overall pretty okay as ive been saying. not bad for a 2000s movie abour zombies i guess