Twelve Monkeys

Twelve Monkeys ★★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

i liked it but lord  i dont like bruce willis so i think i enjoyed it way less than i should have LOL all in all  the movie was good  albeit kinda gimmicky and silly at parts but like  i think its a thing for 90s movies about  dystopia technology  to be kinda doofy  just a common theme idk and im not a fan of how  bruce (no idea what his name was in the movie i got confused cuz they called him like 3 diff names i think)  suddenly was like ohh ur right  sexy lady  i ammm crazyy ooooh its all a dreaaam   like  there was no real turning point  IMO that wouldve warranted that thought  ? i think the transition of him being crazy shoulda lasted longer and been more intense. his character  was ALL over the place   he had no defined  morals or  actions or  thought processes.  not a fan of the trope where its like garrghhh im crazy  psycho man i hurt people   (gets  bald head touched by a woman)   ooooh ahhh im a  man  who loves  love   the woman is right  maybe i want kids?  omg...    like  SHUT UP  wtf a womans role isnt just to tame a man......... but  it was the 90s so i digress 🙄    i really liked watching this movie and i had some laughs  (esp when he  jumped on that guy whk was assaulting  the lady  and he was like GAHHH!!! so funny  comedic genius) and even though i have some complaints  i will say i enjoyed it woohoo