Weathering with You

Weathering with You ★★★★★

‘Weathering with You, Makoto Shinkai’s latest film and his first since the phenomenally popular Your Name, is my favorite film of 2019 so far. I love its animation, especially the many moments of great character animation that bring life to many key scenes in this film, and I love the story it has to tell... yet I sit here unable to write a review that reflects such high regard for this work. Why can’t I praise my favorite movie of 2019?‘

Read the full review over at OTAQUEST

While I chose not to score the review at Otaquest because although, as you can see, my personal score is happily a 5/5, I find myself unable to write a review that reflects such positivity due to what this film represents. I discuss this in more detail in my review so please check it out

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