Weathering with You

Weathering with You ★★★★★

Fourth time seeing it in cinemas but the first time since seeing it 3 times in Japan last summer when it released.

I still feel just as conflicted about the movie now as I did all those months ago when I wrote my review for OTAQUEST. It’s a brilliant film, with amazing animation and storytelling and it’s my favorite animated film of 2019. I love the characters and the music and think it’s well-paced.

At the same time, this is such a frustrating movie. It’s a sideways step from perhaps my favorite director around, one which has always developed his style in both storytelling and animation with every film yet created a movie that reskins Your Name in a way which doesn’t always work in places and excels in others. Like I said then, I love this film yet never want to see Makoto Shinkai make a film like this ever again.

But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to crying at the movie’s third act just like I did on every previous occasion, and I’d also be lying if I said I didn’t have a massive grin on my face at many moments of this.

The most conflicted perfect score I’ll ever give, but a film I still think (for now) is deserving of the honor.

However, fucking hell did this movie make me miss Tokyo and in particular Ikebukuro. Recognising all the places this film is set in, even the shady side-streets of Ikebukuro which this film slinks through having wandered almost every main street and side alley over my 6 months living there going to the station, cinema, shopping, to live houses like Ikebukuro Soundpiece and more... I can’t wait to be back in the country.

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