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  • Amazing Grace

    Amazing Grace


    Historically germane. Go get sanctified. I'm not remotely religious, but my soul is satisfied.

  • Teen Spirit

    Teen Spirit


    Elle Fanning is a remarkable singer. Seeing her sing Robyn's Dancing on My Own and Annie Lennox's Little Bird brought me great joy.

    This young actress never fails to stop me dead in my tracks (Can I register officially as a big fan?) and I'm here for her no matter how slight this movie might be without her.

    Rebecca Hall's fierce supporting turn is also fabulous.

    There'll be obvious comparisons to "Vox Lux" and "Souvenir". "Teen Spirit" is 10 times better than the former and on par with the latter, in the way it portrays music as essential to a particular feminine reality.

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  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    Bravo! Pure, passionate, cinematic perfection. Luca Guadagnino, an existential romantic on par with Bertolucci and Sorrentino, has done it again! ❤️

    "Call Me By Your Name" is something to behold. It affected me deeply. There's a rawness to it, and yet a profound lyricism. There's beauty in its introspective view of longing and observant search for affection, and still a ripe carnality to its depiction of the loss of sexual innocence. Multiple times throughout this beautiful affair, the movie took…

  • Greta



    Nobody flips a table like Isabelle Huppert!

    The premise and general plot machinations of “Greta” are well-navigated terrain. Think, “Fatal Attraction”, “Single White Female”, and particularly “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle” (perhaps with a dash too, of Egoyan’s “Chloe” and writer/director Neil Jordan’s own too-harshly criticized “In Dreams” and “The Brave One”) and I think you get the idea. The result is a three-star script with four-star execution. You get a bravura camp performance by Isabelle Huppert, sexy vulnerability…