Annabelle ★★

This felt like nothing more than a cash grab to capitalize on the success of "The Conjuring." Unfortunately, the story was weak told in a period setting with tepid lead characters played by forgettable actors that never felt like they were of that era. They build to a suspenseful moment then cut to a new scene, never allowing the suspense to be developed into anything more than basically jump scares. Often times, the direction felt like the team had no idea how to get through a scene. Only Alfre Woodard stood out as something special, but even she can't save the film. She is great though and makes every moment she's in shine that much more.

It's fun to see more of the story behind the incredibly creepy Annabelle doll from "The Conjuring," but this isn't the film. I'm hoping its prequel will do more for me than this one did.

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