Burning ★★★★★

Wow. I really had no idea where this film was going. I mean, after a while, I thought I knew, but then things shifted and changed. Then I thought I had it figured out, and things shifted and changed again. Constantly mesmerizing and hypnotic, I found myself going right along with our protagonist Jong-su as he deals with his love of, jealousy over, and eventual search for Hae-mi. The way Yoo Ah-in played the character was subdued, but always trying to figure out how to drive things forward to solve the mystery of the missing girl – much like he's always trying to figure out what to write about for his novel. Jeon Jong-seo was adorable and tragic as Hae-mi. Easy to love, easy to see how she might be so lost.
Steven Yeun is spectacular as Ben, the mysterious new lover in Hae-mi's life... or is he? Constantly enigmatic, he brilliantly represented everything Jong-su wasn't. And the way everything built to that final moment. What a surprise. Leaving Jong-su driving off, freezing, completely naked, and just a shadow of a human behind a smudged windshield. This is one film I'll be thinking about for a while.

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