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  • Battle Queen 2020

    Battle Queen 2020


    Ah, yes...a film made in 2001 about the year 2020. Turbulent years, both. I'd forgotten already that 2020 was the year the dwellers finally got what was coming to them as dramatized in this unspeakably hot mess that features some unspeakably hot women.

    This works well enough when the T&A and lacey lingerie fills the frame, but I'd recommend keeping your hand on the fast forward button the rest of the time. The action and editing are laughably bad and…

  • Alone



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Brilliant thriller is a greatest hits of the survival horror genre. Marc Menchaca is the menacing killer; a family man who spends his weekend stalking a young woman, kidnapping her and then hunting her through the wilderness. Sorry Russell Crowe, but while we don't get a honking horn as an incitement, this guy's initial roll-down-your-window confrontation with our heroine is more intimidating than anything in Unhinged.

    You've seen many imitators of Duel, Intensity and Most Dangerous Game, but John Hyams…

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  • Sabotage



    Blissfully gritty and violent combination of pulp action and neo noir. It's the strongest in a string of distinguished work since Schwarzenegger has returned to movies. This is David Ayer's uncompromising reaction to The Expendables and it's not for wimps. Olivia Williams and Mireille Enos turn in exciting gender-defying performances as the hard-boiled women trapped in this nightmare of throbbing, reckless machismo.

  • Run Hide Fight

    Run Hide Fight


    When I heard this was getting buzz at the Venice Film Festival and that it was from Cinestate, the production company responsible for the films of S. Craig Zahler, I was hoping for a grittier arthouse combo of Elephant and Die Hard. It's with heavy heart that I inform you this is closer to a YA remake of Demolition High and one that could probably have aired on Lifetime or the CW if the violence were toned down some.