Emanuelle in America

Emanuelle in America ★★★★

Laura Gemser just heals me. A true goddess and exploitation icon.

Penis cookies are a standout among the clever prop gags and sometimes hysterical set pieces. The hardcore inserts are never as erotic as any scene where Gemser's Emanuelle puts her seductive powers to work--although I don't think she gets a a particularly memorable hot scene this time. Maybe the uncut horse cock handjob (not performed by Gemser) was too hard to beat. (That pun was inevitable, friends.)

Finally seeing the hardcore snuff footage made possible by the Mondo Macabro release ensured this third watch was worthwhile. According to the entertaining and informed commentary, those shocking scenes inspired Cronenberg's Videodrome. Friday the 13th Part VIII had more footage shot in NYC than this does "in america". Highly recommended for fans of Joe D'Amato depravity. 8.7/10

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