Glass Onion

Glass Onion ★★½


That was also my reaction when I heard the amount of cash Netflix was dropping at the feet of Rian Johnson and Daniel Craig to secure a Knives Out franchise for the streamer. The temptation to turn that fortune into a paid vacation would be overwhelming. After the Sunset and the remake of The Big Bounce were star studded studio pics that also gave me this working holiday sort of vibe. Breezy entertainments with some pleasant scenery and a few turns along the way. Not outstanding and needlessly overlong, but a decent lazy afternoon cocktail companion. Wasn't a huge fan of Craig's dour interpretation of James Bond, but as Benoit Blanc--the flamboyantly queer Columbo--he's come into his own. Hope the next one has a better mystery because this was no Clue. 5.2/10

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