Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★½

Very much in tune with the cravings of late nineties horror geeks, although I've always found the amount of film references and self-parody a bit tiresome. There are some groaners here for sure, but Jamie Kennedy's nerd star Randy Meeks grew on me, and I found him more endearing David Arquette's irksome Deputy Dewey. Would like their fates reversed, but that's probably just me.

This is Wes Craven at his most mainstream and he's milking the moment for everything it's worth. The man is a genuine horror icon and can claim responsibility for creating several genre classics. Shot in cinemascope, there are some difficult widescreen compositions from Craven's collaborator and DP Peter Deming, that are mostly thrilling and complex. There's some nice daytime Ghost Face action and the kills are fresh and stylish. This sequel boasts some of the most memorable bits of tension in the franchise and the violence ramps up nicely in the latter half. I still think the Stab screening was a great opening and led to one of the funniest parody bits in Scary Movie, a flick that also holds up better than expected twenty years later. So Scream V is in the works and we will see how it fares without the guidance of Craven or the subsequently shamed Harvey Weinstein. 7.2/10

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