The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★½

Small town southern gothic noir is quite prolific lately, and it's a genre that suits our conflicted times. This won't convince naysayers that Netflix isn't doing the devil's work lately as most of their best material is more sordidly excessive and edgy.

There's usually trouble in the underbellies of towns where the faithful and innocent constantly intersect with miscreants and users. Campos is a director I took note of immediately as a rising talent in the American indie scene, known for delivering some solid punches below the belt. Here he has a bit more meat on the bones with a highly recognizable young cast and a dark novel adaptation that must have been tempting to weave into a series. I'm glad it wasn't, because I'm already behind in multiple shows I started months ago. If I'm really going to Netflix and chill, I like to do it without a massive commitment every time out. 7.6/10

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