Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread ★★★½

the first thing i can think of while watching this movie is like a silk dress. when a dress is being made all i can think of is the amount of sweat, energy and tears which can be tortuous and painful but patience is a virtue and it can only end with good results once the hard work pays off. it also comes with the smoothest silk and delicate texture of a dress yet there is some flaw with it which is the dress not fitting to every person’s liking. im not trying to criticize this movie because it actually has nothing bad about it the only issue was possibly how i felt hypotinized yet somehow disconnected with the characters. again i don’t have an issue with the movie personally but since it’s the first PTA film i have seen and considering how i went in only through the trailer and knowing of the summary plot and the character’s names was what got me intrigued because there is always something so beautiful and unique about period movies and i came in mainly because of the composer jonny greenwood so kudos to him for creating a brilliant and wonderful score! 

PTA has a straightforward way of flowing with the story and im looking forward to watching the rest of his filmography (ive been wanting to watch boogie nights and the master for ages! but the dresses, the 1950s settings and soundtrack is one of the standouts and the best and i’m listening to the soundtrack as i’m typing this it’s an interesting movie that definitely surprised me and i had a wonderful time

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