“i am she.”
suspiria is a grisly work of art (and witchcraft) that creates a dreadful yet gratifying ring to it and made me uncomfortable in a good way. i admire the idea of luca doing a different take to set a different quality without the use of exaggerated red and blue colors in the original and going along with new stuff but felt like at some point it makes the atmosphere to become a little too dull for me to take in the effect of the movie, but it doesn’t necessarily makes it all terrible. shoutout to thom yorke’s wonderful soundtrack and the unique camera angles that continued to keep me on the edge of my seat throughout. the freakish nightmare sequences was also one of the best and hyponitizing to watch. the volk dance scene and the final scene was the most memorizing and so delightful to experience in the cinema. i don’t feel it’s that bad but at the same time it left me feeling unsettled like something felt missing towards the ending. it could be intentional if that makes sense. anyway, my best friend and i had the best time feeling afraid and lost diving in the world of suspira and i’m glad that i finally caught this in cinema after months of waiting for the release here

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