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  • Six fois deux/Sur et sous la communication

    Six fois deux/Sur et sous la communication


    "If those are Godard’s two ideas, do they correspond to the theme of “sounds and images” that constantly recurs in the programs? Images-learning from things-relating to work, and sounds-learning the language-relating to information?

    No, there’s only a partial correspondence: there’s always information in images, and something at work in sounds. Any set of terms can and should be divided up in various ways that correspond only partially. To try and articulate the relation between sounds and images as Godard understands…

  • Too Old to Die Young

    Too Old to Die Young


    The dance of the bullets and bodies under the neon light
    see the man broken inside and breath so tight
    he is wander and spent this heavy night
    go on man,show them how the men fight

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  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built


    And I to him: “O Poet, I beseech thee,

    even by the God it was not thine to know,
    so may I from this ill and worse escape,
    conduct me thither where thou saidst just now,
    that I may see Saint Peter’s Gate, and those
    whom thou describest as so whelmed with woe.”
    He then moved on, and I behind him kept.

    "The Divine Comedy (INFERNO I) "

    "Dante Alighieri"

  • Faces



    «به فیلم که نگاه می‌کنیم تمی را می‌یابیم که از کلی‌ترین سطح تا تک‌تک رابطه‌ها و تقابل‌های دوتایی منعکس مي‌شود و خود را تکرار می‌کند همچون شکل‌های هندسی خود-انعکاس‌گر که با هر برشی در مقیاسی تازه به چیزی واحد می‌رسیم. کل و جزء منشوری می‌شوند یگانه، انعکاس‌دهنده‌ی فضای یک دوران. یک کلیت به هم پیوسته، همچون یک رقص، همچون حس بداهه‌ای که از مواجه با کلیت یک قطعه‌ی جاز به دست می‌آید، کلیتی رها.[1]»