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  • Menses




  • Gentleman Jack

    Gentleman Jack


    Rating this was ... complicated. I was so bored with the coal storyline. And the to camera sections only worked half the time. There was too much focus on Lister briskly walking between activities, in a too-obvious signalling of her character. Plus Jobes' acting didn't quite convince at tines. And I find it hard to get behind a wealthy snob (though why it matters here when I've overlooked it in other period film is something I need to examine).


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  • Titanic


    Today marks the 5000th day I've been with my partner. I was going to celebrate by writing about a film we shared and loved together but instead I'll write about our meeting.

    In 1997-1998 I worked in a cinema ostensibly to save money for university but I actually spent it all on booze. We persuaded a colleague to hold an Oscar night party and so my workmates and I watched the 1997 Oscars together. One workmate brought a friend who…

  • The Watermelon Woman

    The Watermelon Woman

    There's something about 90s indie films that means I'll always appreciate them. The aesthetic, everything, is strangely comforting. Maybe other people who grew up in the 90s have the same experience as I do?

    Anyway, The Watermelon Woman is another film that's been on my list for ages - over a decade probably - but I'm glad I watched it now I know a little bit about Hollywood history, early black cinema etc. Part of me was disappointed that it…