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  • Abigail Leslie Is Back in Town

    Abigail Leslie Is Back in Town

    [Now tracking the Sarno I've watched in 2020 on this list.]

    What I noticed on a first watch of this, my fifth Sarno this year:

    1. The conspicuous childlessness of the characters.

    Having gone through a period of childlessness myself, yes maybe that's why it stands out, but still. Even the characters who are mentioned as having kids — Abigail Lesley's best friend from high school, being ever so slowly drawn back into A.'s orbit, for instance — we never…

  • Corruption


    Some thoughts on Roger Watkins’ 1983 film, CORRUPTION:


    Surely somebody, somewhere, has already written about the overwhelming precursors/echoes of David Lynch’s work that exist here, right here, in Roger Watkins’ CORRUPTION?


    The first full-frontal male nudity I ever saw, out in the world, was a photo of Michelangelo’s David, in a history book, circa junior high. A decade or two later, I encountered this same gateway in Umberto Lenzi’s OASIS OF FEAR.

    There, a couple (played by Ray…

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  • It's Called 'Murder', Baby

    It's Called 'Murder', Baby

    Third time’s the charm. (Though, in truth, I’ve only watched it twice.)

    I’m glad I watched the R-rated cut — IT’S CALLED MURDER, BABY — first. It proved to me once and for all that adult film director Anthony Spinelli, along with his cast and crew of adult film industry regulars, were eminently capable of making compelling, entertaining, thought-provoking, narratively challenging NON-adult cinema.

    I already knew this, having watched both the adult and non-adult films of Roberta Findlay, Roger Watkins,…

  • Knife Under the Throat

    Knife Under the Throat

    [Watched in HD on Le Chat Qui Fume's Blu-ray. Their cut is 80 min 44 sec.]

    Basically French De Palma.

    This is my fourth Mulot this year. I started blind with SINS OF THE FLESH — I didn't have a handle on who Mulot was (or the trajectory of his career that sent him into porn), and didn't realize this was the same Mulot who directed THE BLOOD ROSE, which I'd watched maybe five years ago on the Mondo Macabro…