Dune ★★★★½

I was honestly a little worried that Villeneuve would be a bit too straight for such weird source material, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much goofy shit he put in this. The throat singing was great, Thufir’s little parasol was adorable, the guy playing the bagpipes was almost taking it too far. A lot of the costumes and spaceships were also gloriously silly looking. I wish they’d kept the fucked up little navigator tube-people from Lynch’s version, and also the pug dogs for that matter, but oh well. Speaking of Lynch’s Dune, that mess of a movie really throws into sharp relief how good of an adaptation this is. Maybe one of the most faithful adaptations I think I’ve ever seen? Genuinely cannot think of much from the book that wasn’t included here. I thought there were a couple of genuinely dumb parts like the repeated “desert power” line and the janky CGI power ranger with Paul’s face comped onto it, but hey I’m literally criticising individual lines and shots so that’s a pretty good sign that I thought this absolutely rocked. Also I finally understand why everyone else my age is going absolutely bananas for Timmy, he’s a very good actor and also a hot twink sorry hot twink sorry hot twink sorry sorry sorry

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