Burning ★★★★½

Holy shit. This movie is phenomenal. I haven’t read this story by Murakami, but this film breathes him. 

It has the surrealist vibe that Murakami has in all his novels, but on a subtle scale. I can’t believe how close to perfect this film is. It is the epitome of a slow burning thriller. It envelops and envelops right up until the end, and at the end you still don’t know what youve witnessed.

The whole film (I watched an analysis, so not my ideas) is drenched in ambiguity. Everything that you watch is left uncertain and with a sense of fiction. Is what we are witnessing real, or is this a subjective illusion. I think it does a great job at recognizing that life is of an ambiguous nature. We don’t understand anything except ourselves, and even sometimes we have trouble figuring out our identity. Our ideas about everyone/everything is subjective and we can never fully understand intentions/thoughts of others.

I love the idea of action over subjectivity. You act upon something based upon what you believe to be happening. There is that second guessing where: did this really happen? Was this what I was supposed to do? Again that action that is objective is placed into ambiguity- damn, Murakami you philosophical fuck.

Also, the camera work here is absolutely phenomenal and the performances here are standout, especially Steven Yeun. Phenomenal film, maybe will be a 10 in the near future


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