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This review may contain spoilers.

This movie actually has shaken me to my core. I haven't had an experience quite like this with a film for a long time. I came out of this with severe and major anxiety. This film in it's own way is absolutely terrifying.

It's use of cinematography and score elevate what is a drama with psychological aspects into something so much more sinister. I just watched a video essay quickly to see if It could help gather thoughts and for the most part everything that the video discussed generally had crossed my mind, but the last part of the video struck me and has completely left me overwhelmed.

The title of this film "Persona" speaks so true to it's intentions. What struck me was the fact that one's "Persona" is all we know. You will never know anyone in and out; all you will know is the information that they provide you with and the rest of their persona is up to you to interpret and decide. I want to rewatch the film now with that major key point in mind. What we get to learn from our main characters "Alma" and "Elizabet". What type of characters they are, and why Elizabet wants to hide her Persona? Can we exist without pretending and playing a character? Are we ever our genuine selves or are we always playing a persona when connecting with others? Fuck me, I don't know what to think. This is one of the best films ever made, I am at an absolute loss of words.

I love films, I really do, but sometimes I want to give films higher ratings because I really do like them, but when I finally am able to watch another masterpiece and compare and contrast to these other films, I realize that I could never put them beside something like this in ranking. Persona is another example of why I love film. God, im so excited to major in film.

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