Scream ★★★★★

"Scream" at first glance comes off as a horror slasher filled with the tropes that seem to fill up the genre. That's what it wants you to think after the first 10 minutes. But, soon enough the movie can not be looked at so naively. It starts to become very self-reflexive and that's where most of the genius from this film is.

It's not just a horror film, but its also a satire. I mean, if you've watched the film before you have definitely picked up on that. If you haven't and assumed its your average slasher,'re wrong. On and on throughout the film leads itself to discussing horror film and the tropes and whats expected, ESPECIALLY A MOTIVE. I just love this film so god damn much. It would have been a great watch even if this film took itself seriously, but the fact that it doesn't and plays around with itself so seamlessly gives it a masterpiece status.

Wes Craven, you are one smart man. I wish this film would get more appraisal and love than what I see it receive (It has decent reviews, but still). Some may not see the enjoyment in its silliness, but if you're like me you'll praise the horror godfather himself.


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