Benedetta ★★★½

Benedetta offers your classic fix of boobs, passion and lesbian nuns. 😂😝

Sure, it’s trashy fun and sometimes shocking (waaay more playfully camp in tone than I was expecting it to be, which could be a turn on or turn off). But it’s far from being a film made purely for controversy, which some critics would have you to believe. There are some touching, interesting conversations about religion and faith in this film that other films would tend to shy away from. And the feminist undertones which may be overlooked at first takes front and center by the chaotic third act (f*ck every man in this movie!!!). We love supporting complex female characters adapting to survive in a patriarchal, religious environment. 😚

The drastic tonal shifts from serious LGBT romance to religious horror to Showgirls-style lesbian sex was a lot. Part of me wishes this could be better and for a film with such sexual, shock value content that should draw me to this film forever… not sure I ever want to watch it again. 

But overall, I had fun. And you’ll get horny 🤪

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