Turning Red

Turning Red ★★★★½

Turning Red plays more like a quirky coming-of-age live action movie in the vein of Lady Bird or Eighth Grade, rather than Pixar’s typical family fare. And I think I loved that?! 

Sure, the formula is familiar, but I love the execution. This film just put a huge smile on my face right from the beginning that never went away. The animation style is gorgeous with spurts of anime influence… and the themes may be considered “edgy” but deserve to be talked about onscreen. I mean for Christ sakes, many young girls know what a tampon is before they have to use one, kids learn stuff fast nowadays! 

For those saying Meilin is an unlikeable protagonist, I would happily disagree. She’s smart, funny, witty and bursting with personality. Since when does those qualities equal annoying? Sounds more like a harsh personal judgement on how a young girl should behave, which the film openly dissects and critiques.

Mei Mei and her group of friends are not the typical group of girls you would follow in a film like this and it is so refreshing. Probably one of the most realistic and diverse depictions of how teen girls act in an animated film recently. Furthermore, all teens are a bit annoying during PUBERTY. Get over it. 

Most Pixar films are not solely female directed and written, so it is pleasant to get a storyline from a strong female POV. The jokes sometimes land better and the story feels lived in with this unique personal experience. Domee Shi captures her culture wonderfully onscreen and is a true talent, shining as a writer since she first created Bao

So yea, this shit is right up my alley. It gets the self-conscious anxiety feelings of middle school so right… and those 4*TOWN songs!? 🥵 Please…

I ate this up.