Skyfall ★★★★½

Regret is unprofessional

Bond is made into a strong character. We are shown a little deeper side of him than we’ve seen before. He is aging and slipping in his work, and after a failed mission in the opening scene, MI-6 is pressured politically to answer concerns of national security. This provides some extra weight to the movie, with Bond having to work a little off the grid with Q & M because they’re facing scrutiny.

There’s a lot of parental themes going on with the M character and her agents, Bond and Silva. The villain character (Javier Bardem) is really good and draws parallels with Bond, as they both shared a similar relationship with M. She says “orphans always make the best agents”. Implying they look to her as a parental figure, and are more allegiant to their job/country. It’s also mentioned Bond has “unresolved childhood trauma”, and he returns to a farm he grew up at, and where his father is buried.

Roger Deakins provides his wonderful cinematography. Every frame is symmetrical with incredible shadows and contrast. I think this and Blade Runner 2049 are some of his standout projects. It’s moody and colorful, but also has smooth bleak tones too with shots of rainy London and the foggy ranch at the end.

I like the shots of him falling into water at the beginning then again at the end when he falls through ice. It’s very symbolic and in theme with the movie.

One somewhat negative thing is the movie doesn’t have the tightest plot. I just watched it and already forgot what exactly the villains plan was. I think he mentions once that he’s going to manipulate stocks? We are left to fill in the blanks on certain areas, but this partially works in the movies favor. It stays focused on the characters and what’s important.

Overall this is one of the best 007 movies I’ve seen, Casino Royale is also very good, but this takes the James Bond character to relatable and human level we haven’t seen yet.

very good movie
— lighting/cinematography by Roger Deakins
— strong villain


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