Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★½

"Lady Bird" is an honest and a heartfelt coming of age story about a rebellious girl who does not seem to like where she lives and who does not feel like she belongs there. This rebellious girl calls herself "Lady Bird", even though her real name is Christine. She is such a free spirit. She deals with life. She has high hopes and expectations which lead her to conflict with her mother often.

The narrative is really good, even though it sometimes feels slow-paced. It is also presumable but it still is enjoyable. I read some reviews about it and some of them says that the ending might make people cry but I disagree with it. Since I am someone who cries when there is an emotional scene, I can guarantee you that this movie won't make you cry a river. The directing is much better than I expected. So kudos to Greta Gerwig!

The characters seem natural. They don't wear heavy make-up. So they look like high school characters for real which makes them relatable. The acting is alright. Saoirse Ronan's acting is the most outstanding one, even though she still has that frozen kind of facial expressions. No offense but for some reason, Saoirse Ronan always seems like a distant and cold person to me. I think she was in complete sync with her character this time because her character seems like a cold person, as well. I have a feeling like Saoirse Ronan will be nominated for Oscars with her leading role because her role is such an Oscar material.

All in all, the movie is good and entertaining but it is not the best.

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