Tenet ★½

“I’ll see you in the beginning, friend.” 

Tenet is genuinely not good and I don’t foresee my imminent rewatch of it changing that. I hope to be wrong, because I was really excited for this film, but literally nothing here worked for me whatsoever. I can’t remember the last time I was this bored watching a film this loud. I couldn’t engage with almost any of this film. It really started to feel like a chore to watch it around an hour in. 

Films that rely this heavily on its plot and the nature of its plot have never and will never click with me, and Nolan unfortunately is becoming the poster boy for creating boring, uninspired characters when he’s tasked with making his own. I can’t find a way to care about what anything in this film means when it’s spending its time trying to spell it out to me through obvious and rushed exposition dumps. So if I can’t be bothered to be interested in the plot this film is so eagerly trying to force upon its audience, what else am I supposed to care about? 

The action and stunt work per usual provided its entertainment, John David Washington and Robert Pattinson are fun sometimes, and cinematography and score are up to par with your typical Nolan picture, but literally nothing else kept me even close to entertained or interested. The sound mixing is just as unacceptably awful as everyone has said, the plot is creative yet exhaustingly boring, the pacing had me wondering if i was even watching the final cut of the film, and the characters while maybe intentionally hollow are also just unimpressive and uninteresting. Wildly disappointed. 


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