Midsommar ★★★★★

The Village 2.0. A movie that is similarly about a desire to escape pain in the real world, only to find it is inescapable.

The Swedish cult acts as a beautiful microcosm of modern society that presents very disturbing extremizations of the real world. Whether it is how we treat old people, the lottery of failure and success, rites of sexual passage, or the demonization of individuals to direct punishment at, it is all in service to the fallacy that is individualism in modern western society. Perhaps more importantly, these presentations of brutality act as a self-aware foil to your own judgement of the cult’s way of life. Simultaneously, the cult members themselves embody the theme that people manifest and dole out all their own pain and suffering to one another, only to mock it with cries of sympathy after the fact to absolve ourselves of the responsibility of causing it in the first place. All these themes are so beautifully and methodically presented that it elevates itself far beyond the simple B grade horror it is masquerading as.

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