Tenet ★★★

I obviously didn't see this last summer but I was around for the Twitter discourse which sort of dissuaded me from watching this as soon as I could. Finally checking it out basically 6 months later, its a fun time but got a whole lot of issues. I enjoy seeing Christopher Nolan abandon any attempt at explaining this and just letting the chaos unfold, but at the same time, this is just completely emotionally cold. The stakes are presented, but without any investment, they don't reach me. Still though, John David Washington is a shining light here delivering a great movie star performance, carrying the charisma this film so desperately needs to work. All the special effects with time look really great too, but I found this lacked a true escalation in the third act that Nolan usually does so well. The twists in Memento & The Prestige, the stacked layers of dreams in Inception, the bookcase in Interstellar, all of these use the central concept of the film and bring it to the absolute maximum, something this is weirdly missing. I dunno, I wouldn't be opposed to rewatching this considering it's mostly a fun time, but it's far from the best Nolan can do.

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