Get Out ★★★★★

I hate horror movies. I'm a proper scardy pants. So all the trailers for this movie stopped me from watching it at the cinema. Then all the reviews came out. Then the accolades and all my mates kept telling me that I wouldn't be scared. I would be OK. I've been stung by that before. Then in the 2 for a tenner at HMV I spy it and take a gamble. It's in my hand and I've paid and I'm on my way home! And I am so pleased I have made that gamble. I enjoyed every minute of this film and it deserves every accolade it gets.

Firstly, the plot. One of the things I complain about at the cinema is the lack of originality. Not so here. I loved the story and plot. It was brilliant and I'm pleased we have another voice to put next to Tarantino and Nolan in terms of creating original stories, Peele has joined this category and I hope he continues to blow us away as he has here. I honestly couldn't figure it out and it kept turning every step of the way.

Then we have the cast. All do an incredible job, Kaluuya getting a lot of love and deservedly so, but the whole cast do an amazing job at creating the whole mood of the piece. The actress who plays the girlfriend, my mind blanks, sorry, was brilliant. Especially the way she used her face in the last third of the movie was stunning and again, I haven't seen that level of control in a while on the screen.

Finally, the choice of effects and direction for the sunken place was amazing and made such an internal part of the movie so much easier to take in and understand.

Brilliant, outstanding and a big thank you to all involved.

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