Justice League

Justice League ★½

OK, so when this came out at the cinema and I first reviewed it I went bold and gave it three and a half stars. Watched it on blu Ray and just realised that someone must have laced my popcorn with an hallucinogenic dust cos it was bad, and I mean bad bad. I would like to openly apologise to all letterboxrs who saw and read my 3 and a half star review. I was completely wrong. This film is bad.

1)no heart. There is no one to care about in this movie at all. Not even the heroes. I care very little for them all, with the exception of wonder woman who still is living in the grace her solo film gave her.
2) the story. There is nothing to be invested in with the story. I still don't think I really know what will happen of steppenwolf puts the blinking boxes together. Is it the world goes a purpley red? Plus who is mother he keeps referring to? Darkseid gets a name drop and nothing else as if that means anything to people who don't read comics. Why does that atlanteans not get involved in the world stuff. What happened with Arthur currie and Atlantis? Why is Barry so sure his dad didn't kill his mom? I could keep going. So many stories to tell and not one of them touched on. All ditched so Bruce Wayne could be an arse and Barry Allen could tell us he doesn't know which way East is while stupid cgi moths fly around kidnapping people, and I'm still not even sure why.
3) Jim Gordon. Massive publicity around how buff jk Simmons got and we seen him stand in the rain doing exposition for less than 5 minutes. What!?!
4) tonally mismatched. I know Wheadon came in for snyder half way through but no tone is fully committed to. It is silly at times yet at others bleak and dark and it jumps too quickly between the two.
5) superman's mouth.
6) I actually didn't care whether cyborg or aquaman lived.

Anyway. There's so much more I realised I hated about this. It was too rushed, too much and too soon. I don't want to compare it to marvel and I shouldn't, but it feels like in desperation trying to catch up DC have rushed what could have been amazing. The devil is in the details. DC just haven't given us anything to invest in (except wonder woman).

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