Skyfall ★★★★½

The tension has been mounting for this film. The press has been in overdrive and all wheels have been turning (Aston Martin shaped ones at that). Sky fall arrived today. It's release coincided with the opening of the IMAX at cineworld in Birmingham. I was there for the opening experience.

The first hour was a traditional bond movie and I was sat thumb twiddling as the usual fight scenes and witty quips were made. However on the hour marked something changed. Skyfall found a gear that bond has never seen before and we are taken on a ride that will have any bond fan of any level enjoying. We have laughs, tension filled gasps and in the cinema I was in a few tears (not mine...heart of flint and all...replaced after being cut out with a spoon).

All actors were great and the plot excellent. Whilst javier bardem will undoubtedly walk away with all the plaudits I think the gold star has to go to Sam Mendes who brings the icon back to being iconic. Some visuals are stunning as the scenery , especially London and Scotland, become such spectacles they are almost characters themselves. Amazing visuals and framing.

The only thing stopping this from receiving five stars was the hour long traditional bond opening gear which when you see the final hour and a half makes you wonder why. A great film to be seen at the cinema.

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