Uncharted ★★★

A video game movie. I hear those words and my brain sighs. Other than the dreadful Resident Evil movies (which i conpletely love) im yet to have found a filn based on a computer game that i love. Theres lots of love for the Sonic movie out there, but that didnt quite land with me either. However...uncharted had a big thing going for it. Im a gamer. But i have been an xbox gamer for longer than i care to share. And this franchise was Playstation only. I have no gaming experience or comparison for this! Oooo...the brain sigh vanishes!!!!

So i prepped myself for a modern day actioner with elements of both Indiana Jones and National Treasure, that is what the trailer looked like, and theyre two franchises i love. I popped the disc in the blu ray player and engaged...

I enjoyed it! The plot was fun. Set pieces looked great (bet they were great on the big screen) and i enjoyed the script, fun and playful. Its biggest downfall, and i cant believe im saying this, was Holland. Indy works because i love Indy. National Treasure works because i love Cage as Gates. Holland just didnt fill the character of Drakes boots for me. And this has nothing to do with Spiderman or anything. He just felt too young for someone like Drakes character. As i say, i have no video game comparison as im an xboxer, but it just felt odd. The rest of the cast, Drakes peers all looked at least a decade older and meant at times i felt i was more watching the Goonies than an archeology based adventure movie. I do hope the franchise continues because i dont doubt that Holland will make the role his and develop it over time. It just felt a little soon.

But this does what i expected. A new archeology adventure that is a bit mindless and a lot of fun.

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