Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★

A slice-of-life, coming of age indie-movie through the eyes of a zealous,happy-go-lucky 27 year old lady, Frances, an aspiring choreographer who finds it extremely hard to exist mentally and financially when her best friend leaves her behind owing to the unavoidable circumstances that life spins. This movie needs the viewer to truly care about the central character's eccentricities, frustrations and anxieties in order to enjoy this leisurely paced character-study which was shot completely in black and white.

Personally speaking, I was able to relate a lot with its protagonist who thinks about herself as a not-so-good-looking, undateable romantic or a dreamy person than being a pragmatist or a materialist, who wants to pursue happiness amidst her occassionally annoying and quirky personality with no big aspiration towards financial stability. The character's spur-of-the-moment decisions and resulting travels too felt life-like.

Noah Baumbach's making and writing stays close to reality as much as possible, despite the lack of a coherent narrative structure. And Greta Gerwig who plays the title character and also co-wrote the screenplay, does an excellent job in bringing out an utmost realistic portrayal of a woman who's too fond of her best friend while going through an existential crisis with all its vulnerability. Another highlight of this movie is its brilliantly written poignant exchanges. Loved its soundtrack and cinematography as well.