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  • The Changeling

    The Changeling


    oh this thing is SCARY

    while i don't really like the third act, and it honestly doesn't do a good job of grappling with some of the weightier themes of parental grief and guilt, and tainted legacies, the visual storytelling in here is damn effective. Modak is so adept at creating nightmarish visuals and audio that the experience of the film itself kind of outweighs it's incredibly flawed script, and George C. Scott's somewhat stale performances (he sells the FUCK out of the last setpiece though)

  • Alita: Battle Angel

    Alita: Battle Angel


    Unlike Aquaman, where the utter ridiculousness masked a surprisingly formal, yet energetic cinematic experience, along with a tight script being served by a surprising mastery of action cinema... Alita: Battle Angel is every Crunchyroll subscriber's living nightmare. That's it. And it fucking rules.

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  • Alps



    Despite being a film about grief and how all powerful our emotions can be, this is more robotic than Michael Bay's Transformers series

  • Cure



    "We need more stock wind noises.
    -Kiyoshi Kurosawa, probably

    A horror masterpiece, full stop. Dark and impersonal, with a sick and twisted sense of humor. As understated as can be, actively keeping the audience at arm's length. One of the most haunting cut to credits moments I've ever seen.