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    Method Actors be doin the most

  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood


    Best most head bobbing sound track in my recent memory. I’m over the initial foot jokes and ready to examine the pros and cons of this one. Such an amazing enjoyable mouth watering american movie. Made me feel like it was 1983 and i just took my girl to the movies in a Corvette. I wish they had gone through with the real murders or ramped up the violence a little bit more but it was definitely interesting to see…

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    I obviously knew I wasn’t going to get Get Out 2 out of this but it was A LOT worse than I was expecting. There was more plot holes than there is interesting scenes in the movie. The earths population is under santa cruz and able to survive off 16 or so raw rabbits?? The uncanny valley creep factor of seeing your own self was probably the one thing that held the film together for me to even finish it…

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    How deep does this go ?! o_p