Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★

I’m pretty mixed on this one. I think the satire works for the most part but at a certain point it just becomes annoying and tedious. As someone in the generation that the film is making fun of I don’t know if the film really made much of an effort to criticize anything beyond the surface level. The trailers pretty much encapsulate the entirety of the satire. They are just dumb, self centered, out of touch kids that are obsessed with their phones and doing drugs. And for a film as harsh as this one it really should have gone deeper because if I’m being honest to me it felt out of touch with the generation it’s supposed to be critiquing. There is plenty of other stuff about gen-z to make fun of which is why this felt so shallow to me. The film is really well made and it is pretty damn funny but by the end I really just wanted some more material instead of constantly retreading the same jokes.

Very vague ending spoilers incoming

And regarding the ending. It’s bad. Really bad. I get what it was going for but it just makes the entire experience feel like a waste of time. By trying to subvert expectations it just takes away any sort of satisfying payoff.

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