I'm Thinking of Ending Things

plays more like a parody of everything i hate about kaufman, the constant reminders that everything dies and we all get old and life is pointless, it’s all here and pushed to the max in a film that should have absolutely nothing to do with these ideas. i audibly sighed when the “young woman” says the line,

“everything has to die”

like cmon, you can’t get worse than that. 90% of this movie is crazy, incoherent nonsense that is bonkers for literally no reason. nothing that isn’t expectedly stated by the annoying ass narration or incredibly irritating symbolism constantly reminding you that everything dies has any meaning behind it that adds literally anything to this mess. this movie gets so lost in itself so quickly that whatever original idea this movie may have had compared to some of his other movies becomes irrelevant as kaufman buries it so he can remind you that you are going to die and you are going to get old. i really can’t think of anything i even somewhat enjoyed about this movie. i couldn’t tell you why people love this if i’m being honest. it’s everything i didn’t want it to be and more. i can’t see anyone getting any value of this unless they are die hard kaufman fans. baffling.

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