Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★★

Inside Llewyn Davis is an extremely well-made film about a musician trying to plant himself as an artist in the music industry. We see his journey to do what he can to get by. He isn't the nicest guy out there, but his past has had a big impact on him. The fact he is really struggling to get doesn't help either. He isn't necessairly the easiest guy to root for, but deep down I truly wanted him to succeed.

Oscar Isaac gives a great performance as Llewyn Davis. His performance is definitely in my top 5 of 2013 for actors. Carey Mulligan is very good as usual, although she wasn't in the film a whole lot. Justin Timberlake was only in a few scenes, but I very much enjoyed the few scenes he appeared in. As I said in my first sentence; this movie is very, very well made. Everything flows very nicely. The dialogue is crisp. It's filmed beautifully. The music was very enjoyable.

Overall Inside Llewyn Davis is an excellent film. I didn't relate directly to the character of Llewyn because him and I are very different. Most humans go through some sort of struggle during one's life time, therefore the film is very relatable. It was for me anyways. Coen films typically get better and better each time you watch one of their films, so I am excited to see this again in the future.

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