Pain & Gain

Pain & Gain ★★★★

After a re-watch, I have concluded that Pain & Gain is Michael Bay's best film; as well as my favorite film of his.

I like Pain & Gain because Bay finally embraces who he is as a director. Which is brainless entertainment (as harsh as that sounds, it's the truth). Most of his other movies suck because there is so much forced and unnecessary crap through the film; like forced romances *cough*Armageddon&PearlHarbor*cough*. Most all of his other films have no idea what they want to be, they're a flat out mess. Also the length, why the hell does this guy have several films that are nearly 3 hours long?

Everything mentioned above does not apply here. Pain & Gain knows exactly what it is. It's stupid, ridiculous, hilarious (I laughed out loud several times), and entertaining. His other films drag so much during the unnecessary long run time, but this film flows quite nicely because IT ISN'T 3 HOURS LONG! While watching this I was never bored like I am during all other Bay movies. A Bay movie that's actually paced well, is this real life? Why a lot of his other movies are close to 3 hours in length, I will truly never understand. Please keep making movies like this Michael Bay, I beg you. Let me have fun without having to sit through forced romance and long run time.

Sadly, he went back to his old self. The Evidence: Transformers: Age of Extinction....*sigh*

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